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A farewell to Dean

8 months and 10 hours · english · societas

Possibly the final post to this blog.

Long Time No Read

12 years and 11 months · ego · english · ¿#@%‼? [4]

A ridiculously transparent attempt to pretend that this site was being updated on a regular basis, which obviously has never been the case.

From Islam to Deleuze

14 years and 3 months · philosophia · english · ¿#@%‼? [9]

It will be a bit difficult to persuade publishers to bring out a book by an author whose surname is ‘Islam’. Compared to how small and unimportant our country is, it’s amazing how hot the issue of national security seems to be.

Střípky z ontogenese

14 years and 4 months · ego · czech · ¿#@%‼?

Olivere, tohle je svět. Světe, tohle je Oliver. Tak si spolu hezky hrajte a neperte se o svoje hračky!

Fulfilling the Notions

14 years and 4 months · ego · english · ¿#@%‼? [1]

Being a father brings in a wholly new perspective. The stance of an aloof, detached freelance philosopher is no longer maintainable, not round-the-clock at least.

O (ne)pohostinnosti

14 years and 5 months · societas · czech · ¿#@%‼?

Kde je psáno, že se obsluha musí v každé situaci usmívat? Nepřijde vám to pokrytecké? Dáváte spropitné?

Nepodceňovat lidi!

14 years and 5 months · societas · czech · ¿#@%‼?

Člověk by se při nákupu pečiva mohl snadno mýlit. Naštěstí máme ochotnou obsluhu, která dbá o to, aby člověk vždy kupoval jen to, co ve skrytu duše chce. Například máslové croissanty.

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