My name is Filip Hajny. Filip is pronounced very much like its international version, Philip. The surname sounds like the English “high knee”. Hajny is my family surname, meaning “gamekeeper” or “forrester”. Some of my friend also call me “mamash”, a nickname given by a small Irani boy, on a bus between Turkey and Iran in 1998. But who am I anyway? I was born in 1975, a year well-known here for a population boom. In comparison to my numerous equally aged fellow citizens, however, I still have not finished my studies.

When it comes to culture, I prefer literature. I am not really on intimate terms with Czech literary tradition, because I usually favour works of foreign origin, particularly from Portugal, Spain and the respective former American colonies of theirs. I try to keep my collection of Vargas Llosa, Rushdie and Høeg complete.

As for music, I prefer jazz and other related music forms. When money’s not the issue (unlikely), I always refill my collection of Tom Waits, Michael Nyman and Astor Piazzolla (in particular when performed by Gidon Kremer). Ethnic music, if true to its origin, will do as well.

I take photographs with an old sturdy Nikon, play my favourite music on an old wooden piano, and fence with an old electric epee.